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Domain FAQs


What is a domain?

A domain is your unique identity/address on the worldwide web. Just as you have your home address domain is an address on Internet/world wide web. As to reach somebody’s house you need his address same way to reach to any website you need its domain. Thus domain becomes your address on the web. Domain name also allows you to personalize your e-mails. Top


What do you mean by an accredited registrar.

An Accredited Registrar means an official registrar who has been appointed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the apex body to control Domain Name Registration worldwide. Top


What is ICANN?

ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Name & Numbers) is the apex body to control domain names registration worldwide. They appoint their official registrars to register domain names and these registrars become the members of shared registry system and register names for their clients, like Network Solutions Inc & Register.com. Top


What is .com, .net & .org?

“.com”, “.net” and “.org” are called as global top level domains and gives you global presence and image. These are some of the different extensions and you can choose one or any three with the name your register. Top


Why do I require a domain name?

To promote yourself and/or your business on the World Wide Web, you need a domain name of your own. You can promote your business online with the help of your domain name, thus making it possible for the worldwide web audience to reach your site. Top


How should I register my domain?

It is very simple to register your domains with Diadem, India's leading domain registration provider. Just check availability of name through our Domains homepage. If the name you want is available, book it straight away on real time basis. You can also take help of our domain wizard to register a name. Top


What is a domain Wizard?

When your desired name shows as not available you can try the search through our domain wizard which will suggest you similar names connected to your business and inform its availability. You can then select your desired name and register. Top


How long does it take for a Domain to be registered?

Diadem Technologies registers domains on real time basis if you pay through your credit card or by Paypal. As soon as we receive your payment your name is registered on real time basis and message of confirmation is sent to you simultaneously. You can register names through credit cards or opt for our other multiple payment options for faster registration of your domain. Top


Once the domain name gets registered can I change the name of the registrant?

Yes, you can change the contact details of the domain including the Registrant details at anytime through the secure area of our website. Top


What is the price to register a domain?

Costs of domain extensions vary as per the extension chosen and you can view our domain registration pricing page for more details on the domains available and their registration charges.Top


After registering multiple domains, whether I can pay by one single Demand Draft.

Yes, you can do so. Mention order number of each domain you register and send these order numbers together with your payment draft. Without the order number it will not be possible to process your request. You shall receive an order number each time you register a name with us. Top


How do I change Nameservers?

Changing your nameservers is very simple. Go to the ‘Manage Domain’ section and make necessary changes. Top


What Admin, Technical and Billing contacts do?

When your domains get registered, these individuals are the points of contact for each function. Top


I have a domain elsewhere, can I move it to you?

Yes, you can. Just repoint to our nameservers ns.diadem-tech.com and ns2.diadem-tech.com. Top


If I register a domain do I need to renew before expiry

Yes, you need to do so before expiry or else the name will become available again and any other person will be able to register it. Top


What is the shortest/longest period for which I can register a domain?

As per the current rules you can register for a minimum of 1 year & maximum of 10 years. Top


If I change residence will that make a difference?

No, we communicate via email, so unless you change your e-mail it will not make any difference. Moreover you make any change you can always go to our Manage your domain section and enter the necessary change. Top


What can I use my domain name for?

You can use your domain name for anything you wish. You also can resell your domain name for higher price. There are many companies on the World Wide Web who help you get good price for your domain name. Top


Can you design my WebPages for me?

We are currently not providing web design or development services to our clients.Top


Do you register .in and .co.in domains?

Yes, we register all the available .in, co.in, .org.in and other available .in extensions. Top


Can payment be made by credit cards?

Yes, you can make online through our website. Top


How shall I get the bill and invoice for my payment?

We do not send any bills or invoices. All our correspondence is via e-mail and we inform your payment amount over e-mail. Top


Can I change my options once I select & register a package?

You can upgrade your domain and host your website with us or any other provider. You cannot however change your domain extension.Top


What is domain parking?

This is a server address you require to submit to register a domain name. We allow our customers to use our name servers to register their domain. Top


What is DNS && why it is used?

This is an acronym for Domain Name Server. It is what makes the Internet work. For a guide on how DNS works, and why we need it please refer to http://computer.howstuffworks.com/dns.htm Top


" We acknowledge with thanks all your technical support/help extended in the matter of hosting and maintaining BIT's website. We place on record that you have really been very helpful and we appreciate your instant respsonse for giving all required data and information. We are extremely satisfied with your prompt support and services. "

Dr. S.K. Mukherjee, Vice Chancellor, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi

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